Rivage Day Spa massage enhancements range from soothing aromatherapy massage with essential oils, to a deep muscle massage, our strongest massage offered.

CBD Infusion

Bring peace to your aches and pains with our hydrating, calming and unique CBD oil. Using an extraction process that captures the totality of the hemp plant to help increase its benefits, this organic oil absorbs quickly into the skin and is a perfect addition to any of our massages.



CBD Balm


Whipped Body Butter

For the most dry, parched skin, we offer a lightweight whipped Shea butter with Safflower and Vitamin E. This decadent body butter absorbs quickly and deeply for immediate, intense hydration.


Hand or Foot Refresh Treatment

An intense, hydrating Hand or Foot Treatment that helps nourish the driest of skin and restore the elasticity with argan oil, lavender, and honey. Includes exfoliation.
Additional Time Required

$25 Per Area

Head Ease Scalp Massage

A perfect addition to any full service, the scalp treatment uses aromatherapy oils and pressure points to help relieve stress. This is ideal for instant tranquility during a facial or massage.
Additional Time Required


Anti-Fatigue Leg Therapy

Tired, achy lower legs and feet are first treated with dry brushing to help alleviate stagnant circulation. Then a focused massage with a cooling gel infused with Arnica and horse chestnut is performed to help relieve congestion and soothe heavy legs. Ideal for the guest that stands for long periods of time or is a frequent traveler.
Additional Time Required


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