Whether it’s after a night of over-indulging or to help cleanse from impurities of stress from daily life, this is the remedy for whatever may be weighing you down. Green Tea infused hot towels are massaged into tired muscles and help open pores to absorb our detoxifying and hydrating CBD body butter.  Your massage ritual may be customized with your choice of a balancing foot reflexology or a head ease aromatherapy

75 Minutes



This two-phase ritual includes a double exfoliation using dry brushing, followed by a gentle fruit enzyme treatment, preparing the skin for deep hydration with velour body melt. With a 50-minute massage included, this allows the body to relax and the skin that is renewed and supple.

75 Minutes


Mind Body Balance

The ancient method of hot stone massage with the healing power of CBD oil, helps soothe tired muscles and melt away aches. Your body is brought into balance with your mind with artfully selected aromatherapy and pressure points, allowing the head ease scalp massage calm even the most restless of minds.

80 Minutes