Waxing, Tinting, & Hair Removal

Lash Bomb Lash Lift

Lash Bomb Lash Lift provides luscious, lifted lashes that will last for weeks in the blink of an eye. As an alternative to lash extensions, one professional treatment is all it takes to deliver a perfect curl that is retained, even after a shower or swimming, lasting for 4-6 weeks. May be done as a stand-alone treatment for lashes or a tint may be added for extra definition.

Lash Bomb Lash Lift (With Tint) – $95 ($105)


Removing unwanted hair from the root, waxing is ideal for all skin and hair types. We have both soft and hard antibacterial wax available. It is highly recommended that the hair be at least one third of an inch long for proper removal. Please advise your technician of any allergies or retinol use. Pricing may vary per client.

  • Arm  |  $45
  • Shoulders  |  $25
  • Underarm  |  $30
  • Abdomen  |  $30
  • Half Leg  |  $60
  • Full Leg  |  $95
  • Brow  |  $25
  • Chin  |  $15
  • Partial Face  |  $35
  • Full Face  |  $50
  • Lip  |  $15
  • Nose/Ear  |  $15
  • Chest |  $55
  • Partial Back  |  $55
  • Full Back  |  $75+
  • Classic Bikini |  $45
  • French Bikini  |  $60
  • Brazilian Bikini  |  $75


Tinting of the lashes creates an appearance of longer, thicker lashes, while tinting of the brows provides more definition. It is a perfect treatment to have before going on vacation, for those who cannot wear mascara, and especially for those with lighter hair pigment. Using specially formulated and safe permanent hair tints, a natural look is achieved.

Brow Tint |  $35
Lash Tint  |  $45


An electric current is applied with a very fine, disposable needle-shaped electrode, or metal probe into each individual hair follicle to destroy the root. The method is ideal for light and grey hears, dark/ethnic skin, and on small areas, such as the face. Treatments can take 15-60 minutes and may be scheduled 2-4 weeks apart.

Laser Hair Removal

A laser pulse occurs for a fraction of a second, treating numerous hair follicle at the same time. Each laser pulse lasts long enough to heat up the hair and significantly destroy the follicle’s ability to re-grow. A special contact-cooling handpiece protects and cools the upper layer of the skin before, during, and after each laser pulse while directing the laser energy to the hair root, allowing treatment to even the most sensitive skin. This method is ideal for darker hair, lighter skin, and is able to treat even the largest areas of the body quickly and effectively. Depending on the area of the body, treatments are typically scheduled 6-12 weeks apart and can take 15-60 minutes per session.

Important – Hair growth occurs in different stages: growing, resting, and shedding. Because all of the hair isn’t at the same stage at any given time, multiple sessions are needed to be most effective for both electrolysis and laser hair removal. It is important to understand that certain areas of the body require more treatments. More information is available about your treatment, costs of treatments, and what results you can expect during your complimentary consultation.

All medical spa treatments are priced based on consultation and vary per client’s needs. For optimal results, we recommend purchasing and booking an entire series of treatments.

Permanent Make-Up

Rivage Day Spa has the most qualified beauty specialists to apply permanent make-up. Achieve natural looking eyebrows, or have permanent lip liner and eyeliner applied to always look your best.

Permanent Make-Up (Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip Liner, and Beauty Marks)

The application of permanent pigment is placed into the pores of the skin with a sterile, disposable needle to help naturally enhance the eyes, eyebrows, and lips. By penetrating only into the second layer of skin, it is never deep enough to reach the bloodstream and is perfect for sensitive skin, as the pigment does not contain iron oxide. This service is ideal for those with sparse hair, alopecia, poor eyesight, physical disabilities, as well as post-cancer patients, athletes, or those who simply lack the time needed to maintain a fresh, radiant look. A doctor’s note and a patch test are recommended for those with a medical condition. An effective local anesthetic is used to ensure you optimal comfort. Treatment takes approximately 60-75 minutes per area, and a complimentary consultation is recommended for pricing and further information.

Permanent Makeup (Touch Up)

A “color boost” is highly recommended every 2-4 years to help restore color that may have been faded by the sun, chlorine, medication, etc. Each “color boost” session includes a fee for only color and a needle. Revisions from previous treatment elsewhere must be consulted first. All touch-up treatments may take up to 45-60 minutes per area.

All medical spa treatments are priced based on consultation and vary per client’s needs. For optimal results, we recommend purchasing and booking an entire series of treatments.

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